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Q. 1. When do the tree seedlings arrive after the order is placed?

A. Tree tube Seedling orders are sent to arrive in 2 shipments. First in 2-3 weeks after the order is placed the imprinted paper cards, burlap, and ribbon arrive.
Second: 7-10 days prior to your wedding date the tree seedlings arrive.

Tree in Natural Burlap & Seedlings in Eco Boxes: All components arrive together 7-10 days prior to your event. If you require a single seedlings in advance please let us know and we will ship you one. If your wedding date is far in advance we may send them in two shipments .

Q. 2. How do I store the tree seedlings once they arrive?

A. Storage : Please store tree seedlings in a well ventilated, cool, dry area prior to assembly , no more than 3 days before the event. Please follow all directions for tree care sent with trees. (assembly required) We send you storage and care instructions which are easy . The trees are really hardy and there is nothing you can do to ruin them at this point so don't worry about it, that is why we send them closer to the event date.

Q. 3. Flower Bulb Favors how do we store the bulbs?

A.  Storage: Please store lily flower bulbs in the refrigerator. The other flower bulbs just require a cool, dry area prior to assembly about 3 days before the event date. They are really easy to manage and nothing will happen to them once you get them as long as they are not left on the kitchen counter in the blazing heat. May assemble favors 2-3 days before your event.

Q. 4 .Once the favors are assembled how do we keep them?

A.  A cool, dry place applies to all the favors, seed, trees, flower bulbs, plantable papers. Refrigeration is not necessary.

Q. 5. I would like to see a sample of the favors before I purchase them, how do we deal with this.

A. Samples: We do encourage you to receive a sample. Specific personalization is not available they are for purposes of seeing the product not as a gift. Feel free to plant any of the samples and test the growth, they also give you an idea of size the color.  When ordering samples please be specific and if you could link the page that would be helpful. 

Q. 6. Seedlings in Winter Months:

A. For the winter months we include winter planting for the seedlings. If a customer chooses to grow them indoors over the winter we add the indoor growing instructions, especially if the event takes place in a northern climate where the ground freezes. They are available all year round.

Q. 7. I do not know anything about plants and I am nervous to handle perishable products , should I be, what is the extra care?
A. You don't need to know anything, we give you all the instructions, storage, when to expect them, how to store them. The trees, flower bulbs, and seeds we offer are all easy to grow and hardy. They arrive approximately 1 week before your event and you will have plenty of time to assemble them. All instructions are included , they are easy. Plants a a fun favor because people are always overjoyed to receive them as they are unique. We offer voice help daily , est if you have any questions.

We offer 2 kinds of samples: 

i. seed favors or anything that fits into an envelope to mail is FREE - please call or email your requests and we will mail them out the next day. 888-315-7333 or email:
ii. For bigger favors that reqire extra packaging we charge for, Please select the quantity "1" when ordering samples, specific personalization is not available. Sample arrives in 7 - 10 business days assembled.


We invite you to send in questions of any kind, we are here to help you make the choices you want and hope you will contact us for questions, ideas , suggestions in any case. go to our contact page


Sheila, Robin, Shelly