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Just Seeds! Tree Seed
6 choices of tree seeds
Just Seeds! Tree Seed

Just Seeds! Tree Seed

6 choices of tree seeds
Just Seeds! Tree Seed
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blue spruce- most of US
red cedar- most of US
paper birch- northern tree
black pine-southern
arizona cypress-southern
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Plant tree seeds anytime of year. Choose your favorite or check out  seed species on side bar for seed information for best for your area. Give the strength of a tree for your special occasion.A wonderful living gift that will last a lifetime.

Six kinds of tree seed to choose from.

Blue Spuce, Black Pine, Paper (canoe) Birch, Loblolly Pine.

  •  seed packet 2 x 2" (number of seeds vary with species - 5 - 10 grams)
  •  seed species are presented in hermetically sealed foil packets to preserve freshness
  •  4-6 months, in freezer the seed can be stored for up to 2 years
  •  one copy of planting instructions will be included with order.

"He who plants a tree, plants a hope."— Lucy Larcom