Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal showers should always  be fun and fabulous. Today's bride is often looking for more modern alternatives such as theme based celebrations   with a little romance and style. For the eco conscious bride a “green’ themed shower is a perfect  start her new beginnings.

Plants as bridal shower favors are perfect, choose seeds in eco boxes or seed favors for your guests with a vast array of styles, color and sizes to choose from . Personalization is included as well as a Thank you message for an all-in-one guest gifts.

Themes like garden, kitchen, spa, can incorporate a touch of “green” with eco bridal shower guest favors to remember your special day. They can also double as decorations for the wedding shower which is always a good thing.

"…and the glad earth, caressed by picture murmuring showers, wakes like a bride, to deck herself in flowers!"
— H.S. Cornwell