spring flower favors

spring into spring with flower favors

 For Beautiful Outdoor Weddings the Sign is the Thing. I think this collection of Signs Speaks for itself. Enjoy.

welcome sign wedding signs wedding adorable two hearts one love

Thank You From The Bride & Groom.

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thank you guest gifts


 Let Love Grow with Seeds for Guest Gifts

Make Your Wedding Day Memorable, Unique . It is all in the details.

Theme : Rustic

How: With Birch Bark

Birch Bark can be apart of all the décor including the invitations.
Tradition: Add a little tradition with flowers with birch bark on the handles.
Favors: Don’t forget to add the Birch Bark Favors

It just doesn’t get any more Rustic than Birch Bark Favors.
Choose to Carve your Initials in the Birch Bark , paired with your choice of seeds for a memorable
Guest Gift that Grows with your new Life Together.

Idea: Get you guests to sign a paper tablecloth or carve names, initials in woo

Trending , the Rustic Theme for Weddings is IN. Birch Bark Everything goes from Table Centerpieces, to Candles and Place Card Holders.

Add to the theme with these enchanting keepsakes. Don’t let your guests forget about Your Wedding Day, Grow Memories that Last with Seed in Birch Bark Seed Gifts.

- The are personalized with your names and date
- They stand up on the tables as a decoration
-They include a thank you message
-Choose seeds you like of complement your bouquet
-Be Rustic to the Max with these remarkably original favors


eco-chic wedding favors

eco-chic wedding favors with birch bark

initials on favours
Carved in my Heart

Birch Tree Fun

-Birch symbolizes new beginnings and birch bark is great for lighting fires .

-Worldwide there are around 60 species of birch. Scotland has .

-Make love under a birch tree at Beltane if you want to conceive.

-Birch is a pioneer species, and was among the first trees to colonise after the ice-age.

-The most famous (and my favourite) poem about birches is by Robert Frost.

-An old Welsh custom is to give a birch garland to the one you love to say ‘begin!’

Enough Said about the Birch Tree and Birch Bark.

Happy Spring.
The girls At Plant a Memory

March 20, 2014



fall rustic wedding

go Rustic with Fall Weddings

How to Keep Warm

Keep your bridesmaids warm by adding gorgeous pashminas to their outfits in rich autumnal colors such as aubergine, orange, and burgundy. You could either coordinate these to their dresses or have them in a contrasting vibrant shade. Chocolate is the perfect shade for sophisticated bridesmaids gowns; you could then assign each of your ‘maids with their own autumn color for their pashmina, shoes, and other accessories. For a little bridal glamour why not add a cropped fur jacket or stole to your wedding gown? Or if you want something a little more rustic, a cashmere or angora cardigan would also be a great choice.  Also essential to staying warm on your big day is having the right kind of wedding car: an open topped car is probably not the best option at this time of year in case there is a rain shower, or the wind creates mayhem with your perfectly styled hair. Instead opt for something that will protect you from the elements. A vintage car decorated with a vibrant orange ribbon would be the best fit for this wedding theme: choose beautiful cream cars for yourself, your groom and the rest of your wedding party. Make sure the wedding vehicles you’ve hired are adequately insured though, especially if you’re choosing vintage vehicles, as they aren’t always reliable and you don’t want the car you’re driving in to be breaking down on the way to the church!


Say it With Flowers

Although summer is the season most famed for the variety of its wedding flowers, there are still plenty of incredible options for flowers if you choose to have a rustic-style autumnal wedding. Fiddle fern has a wonderful rustic charm, and looks incredible teamed with rust and orange flowers. Alternatively you can opt for thistles for a natural feel or orange calla lilies if you want something very bright. Incorporate plenty of leaves and greenery to give the effect of bringing the outside in, and let nature be the driving force of your rustic autumnal wedding. It will look so effective, and will have people talking for months afterwards!


rustic wedding ideas

fall in love with fall weddings

Wedding Favor Ideas

The incredible variety of options available for rustic fall wedding favors is almost endless. We love the idea of evergreen favors: write a personalized message to each guest and they can then plant the card and grow a beautiful tree to honor your special day. Alternatively, if you want something a little more colorful, why not try Iris flower bulbs which have a beautiful color and can be presented in either gift boxes or miniature burlap sacks. You can extend this favour into your theme, as burlap could be used to make napkin rings, be incorporated into your table centerpieces, and you could even use burlap table clothes if you want a really rustic-looking occasion. And don’t forget the power of herbs: they make amazing favors as well as adding wonderful fragrance to bouquets and floral displays.

September 17, 2013,
By Julie MacArthur.

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