The Fall is one of the most popular Wedding Seasons in the past 10 years. Grow Memories with Seed & Tree Favors , meaningful guest gifts.

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Some Ideas for Wedding Guest Gifts with Seeds for Incredible Wedding Décor.

Fall in Love with Mint

Fall in Love with Mint

Grow Memories with Pumpkin Wedding Favors

October Pumpkin Theme

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Sunshine Cream for Rustic Wedding Favors

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sunshine wedding

Blue Breezy Leaves for Fall in Love Wedding Favors

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Say it With Flowers

Although summer is the season most famed for the variety of its wedding flowers, there are still plenty of incredible options for flowers if you choose to have a rustic-style autumnal wedding. Fiddle fern has a wonderful rustic charm, and looks incredible teamed with rust and orange flowers. Alternatively you can opt for thistles for a natural feel or orange calla lilies if you want something very bright. Incorporate plenty of leaves and greenery to give the effect of bringing the outside in, and let nature be the driving force of your rustic autumnal wedding. It will look so effective, and will have people talking for months afterwards!


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Wedding Favor Ideas

The incredible variety of options available for rustic fall wedding favors is almost endless. We love the idea of evergreen favors: write a personalized message to each guest and they can then plant the card and grow a beautiful tree to honor your special day. Alternatively, if you want something a little more colorful, why not try Iris flower bulbs which have a beautiful color and can be presented in either gift boxes or miniature burlap sacks. You can extend this favour into your theme, as burlap could be used to make napkin rings, be incorporated into your table centerpieces, and you could even use burlap table clothes if you want a really rustic-looking occasion. And don’t forget the power of herbs: they make amazing favors as well as adding wonderful fragrance to bouquets and floral displays.

September 17, 2013,
By Julie MacArthur.


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Pumpkin Power!

Celebrate the fall season by decorating your reception venue with pumpkins and seasonal flowers: you could even hollow out pumpkins and fill them with flowers to make table centerpieces that will be a real talking point.

Pumpkins are the perfect decorations for rustic fall weddings. Rather than flower baskets, why not have your younger flower girls carry Halloween pumpkins down the aisle at your wedding ceremony: you can fill the pumpkins with traditional petals, or even use Halloween candy if you want something unusual that will really catch your guests by surprise!

Pumpkins will also great color inspiration for the younger members of your wedding party: flower girls and ring bearers will look wonderful accessorized with rich orange ribbons and bow ties. And if that just isn’t enough pumpkin for you, think of all the pumpkin recipes you could incorporate into your wedding food: pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, you could even have a pumpkin flavoured wedding cake if you want to keep your menu choices seasonal!

By Julie MacArthur.

For a Unique Wedding Favor – Fall in Love with Pumpkin Flavoured Plant a Memory Guest Gifts

fall wedding favors

Fall in Love with Pumpkin

fall wedding favors

Guest Favors from the Bride & Groom

Inspire, promote and plant trees for a Greener Tomorrow. By giving  Trees as Favors at their Weddings, brides and grooms will set an example and  possibly inspire their guests to adopt a greener consciousness. Together, bride  and groom, friends and family will be responsible for planting a forest.

Did you know?

  • That one large tree provides daily oxygen for up to 4 people. 
  • That one large tree can lower peak summer temperatures around the tree by  5-9 degrees.
  • “Green” wedding favors are attractive, unique guest gifts that create lasting  memories while reducing your carbon footprint. You will be able to breath easier  choosing to share your environmental consciousness with your guests.
    Choose to re-use, reduce and recycle! Be creative make it fun and give it  your own personal touch. Eco-friendly favors are reasonably priced and  beautifully packaged; many contain excellent scientific information about trees  and flowers to help grow amazing gardens and landscape features.
    A few examples of “green wedding favors”: tree seedlings,   tree seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, seed kits, plantable seeded papers, gourmet honey or donations to conservancies,  wildlife funds, and recycled papers choices.
    Wedding favors are reflections of your personal choices and style; choose  meaningful keepsakes, they create a lifetime of memories.


    August 7, 2013
    By Sheila Sheffield
    Tree Beginnings Inc., Locke, NY
    The most respected scientific organizations have stated that global warming  is happening and people are causing it by burning fossil fuels and cutting down  forests.
    The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is now. Give Trees for Wedding Favors that last a lifetime!


    Although Basil is known to bring about prosperity, love spells are the general domain for this treasured herb. It is used to soothe communication between two people, to draw a lover to you and to celebrate love. Basil can be tucked fresh or dried into a sachet and carried to strengthen feelings of love.

    herbs for wedding favors

    Herbs make good scents!



    Basil is best known for its properties to aid and strengthen love. Although Basil is known to bring about prosperity, love spells are the general domain for this treasured herb. It is used to soothe communication between two people, to draw a lover to you and to celebrate love. Basil can be tucked fresh or dried into a sachet and carried to strengthen feelings of love.

    Who knew? Why not spread some LOVE around at your wedding by giving your guest memorable favors of basil in adorable eco boxes.
    FREE Basil Recipe with all Eco Box Favors

    The ancient Romans believed that the mere smell of basil inspired love. Thus, a woman seeding true love needed merely to hand the object of her affection a spring of basil, and he would be here forever.
    Its name comes from the Greek word for “royal”, basilikon. a perennial in warm climates, it is easy to grow and thrives in containers. its small white flowers should be be pruned in order to induce vigorous growth of the tasty leaves.

    Celebrate basil in your wedding receptions with food, plants for centerpieces and sprigs for good luck.

    Bridal showers are perfect venues to celebrate the immortal properties of basil with games and gifts.

    . The Kitchen Bridal Shower

    Ask guests to choose gifts the bride will need to establish an the kitchen of her dreams. Gifts might include: tools, utensils, cookware, bake ware, appliances, gadgets, linens and cookbooks. A Kitchen Shower is the perfect occasion to go potluck. If your kitchen can manage, request that a few dishes be brought assembled but uncooked. When your guests arrive, pop their culinary creations into the oven and serve wine in the kitchen while you enjoy the aroma of what is soon to come. Guests might also bring along their signature recipe, written on a card to present to the bride.

    - perfect for a “herb” shower with a culinary touch

    Basic Pesto Sauce
    - 1/3 cut fresh basil leaves
    - 2 cloves garlic, crushed
    -pinch of salt
    - 1/2 cup pine kernels
    - 3/4 cup Parmesan cheese
    – 1/2 cup olive oil
    Blend the basil leaves in a blender. Add the garlic and olive oil and process for a few seconds. Gradually add the pine kernels, Parmesan cheese and salt. The consistency should be thick and creamy.

    This quantity of pesto sauce is sufficient for 1 pound cooked, drained pasta. Mix 2 tablespoons pesto with the pasta and serve on individual plates with an extra spoonful of pesto on each helping.. 

    For Money and Success: Soak Basil  in water for 3 days, then sprinkle about a place of business. Also used for purification and protection and to remove obstacles in love and create harmony.  Dispels melancholy and attracts friends. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    For more herb ideas for fall weddings check it out at: Plant a Memory favors & gifts


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    Fall in Love

    Outdoor weddings held during the fall are breathtaking and magical. If your wedding venue has trees that brim with windswept fall foliage, then you are in for an enchantingly romantic affair.

    Here are amazing ideas on how to integrate trees and other elements of autumn into a stunning wedding.

    Morning wedding set in an orchard, a vineyard, or a barn

    Say your vows under the trees as your friends and family look on. The natural golden light shimmers behind the tree branches. Fallen leaves that showcase autumn’s rich colors litter the ground. Have your guests eat while they take in their surroundings that are full of yellowing trees.

    Bring the trees inside

    If you can’t have an outdoor wedding, then go ahead and rent tree saplings and adorn them with lights. Line the aisle with potted trees. You can also use tree saplings as high-impact centerpieces. Surround them with amber candles for a captivating twilight glow. If the wedding reception area is small, then stick to one or two gorgeously detailed “indoor” tree arrangements.

    Color schemes

    Fall colors include purple, chocolate, crimson, orange, moss green, and burgundy. Gold and crimson look bold and elegant when used together.

    Add plenty of greenery in your bouquets for an earthy effect. Use fiddlehead ferns as accents.

    For the décor at the back of your guests’ chairs, mix bare branches with flowers. The delicate minimalist lines of branches add charm and character.

    Wedding invitations and place cards

    Use recycled paper and embossed leaf or tree motifs for your wedding invites. Stick the escort cards that bear your guests names onto mini pumpkins. This reinforces your outdoor autumnal theme.

    By K. Ong
    June 19, 2013:
    We thought this article was a good one with Trees being popular wedding favors . Hope you enjoy it.
    Sheila, Robin, Amy

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