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This Month ; Shades of Blue are Trending for Weddings
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Ideas for Blue Guest Party Favors

You can also complement with Love-in-a-Mist Seed, Spread the Seeds of Love for any Occasion!

Forget-me-not Blue Seed Favors
Wedding Favors complement all Shades, Simple & Classy

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Wedding Favors Trends in Shades of Blue

Forget-me-nots in Gift Box Favors; Grow Memories with Flowers


Blue Quartz with Flecks of Grey
Complemented with an Exclusive Ink Sketch of Wildflowers
- Perfect with Wildflower Seeds for a Garden of Memories SALE $.99 ea

blue wedding favor

Complements Shades of Blue

Natural Elegance of Nature’s Meadow Guest Party Favors

On a periwinkle grey background , shades of blue flower petals for beautiful
wedding favors. ” Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. ” Voltaire
Rustic Wedding Favorite, Personalized, Thank you Message, Assembled.

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Natural Blue Petals

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Sheila, Robin, Shelly and Allie

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It is all about LOVE

 Men and women have been saying, “I love you,” to each other for centuries. How about saying this simple phrase that means so much with actions instead of words?

 Lots of ideas are presented here for showing your special someone how very much he or she means to you. Find the path that allows you to luxuriate in a long lasting relationship with a few simple strategies.


  • Repeat the dessert, the meal, and the scenario from the last anniversary. The pleasant memories from that occasion will float gently back to the forefront of your special someone’s conscious and permeate throughout the essence of the night making it even more enjoyable for both of you.
  • Discover what his/her favorites are and be sure to have them in the home for them  to enjoy. Include their favorites in an entire selection of areas including comfort foods, beverages, magazines, books, music selections, and plants.
  • Nothing says I love you more than offering your mate a night out with friends. Plan a weekend getaway for the two of you to some romantic spot that you know he will like. Clear the date of the weekend with them first without letting them  know what you are up to until the last minute.
  • Farm the kids out to a babysitter or send them over to grandmom’s house for the night. Prepare a candlelight dinner complete with flowers, dinner, and dessert, put on some romantic music in the background, and enjoy.
  • Surprise him with a special nighttime surprise. Buy new, sexy lingerie in his favorite color. Place the sexy lingerie out in open view upon the bed while secretly wearing a new lingerie outfit that is just as sexy and seductive.
  • Place a single rose and a love note secretly upon her pillow for a touch of romance.
  • Flirt in the car whenever the two of you are driving somewhere together. Just don’t let it get out of hand until  the car stops.
  • Gently run your fingertips along the back of his neck whenever you pass by him as he is watching TV, reading the newspaper, or enjoying a book.
  • Look straight at your mate from across the dinner table. Smile and wink seductively.
  • Place a handwritten love note in their work bag or jacket pocket for to find unexpectedly. Mention how your heart did a flippy-flop the first time you saw them.


The gifts that keep on giving are the ones that are going to cling to your loved one’s memories the most. Perhaps these are the ones that lovers should concentrate on when showing their loved one how they care.

By Susan M. Keenan

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