Today, favor choices have expanded to include a wide number of tiny gifts that can be used to help decorate the shower venue. Baby shower favors are attractive and typically add a bit of color to the room being used to host the shower event. Here are a few ideas on where to place baby shower favors

Planning a baby shower is almost as much fun as attending one. From the adorable bits of pink or blue decorations to the attractive banners to cute paper products to amusing balloons, party decorations for a baby shower are precious to look at and fun to buy. One of the added pleasures of planning a shower for an expectant mother is the chance to pick out baby shower favors.

While the provision of favors for baby showers isn’t a necessity, it is a nice way to say thank you to the guests for attending the event. Most people enjoy getting something for free. Not only are shower favors free to the guests, but they are appreciated too.

These inexpensive tokens of appreciation can be used as decorative accents for the baby shower. Whether the hostess places the baby shower favors in a scattered fashion in the main room of the event or she creates a small pile of them in an attractive display, the use of baby shower favors can cut back on the number of shower decorations that the hostess needs to use.

If food is provided on a long table, the baby shower favors can be scattered in between the various dishes and platters that have been set out. The remaining shower favors can be placed in an attractive display on one or more small tables depending on the number of people who are attending the event.


Grow Memories that Last a Lifetime

Grow Memories of Your Little One with Plantable Hearts embedded with Wildflowers


In fact, if personalized Cute as A Button Favors, or Baby Shower Seed Kits, are memorable guest gifts. They often set the Baby Shower Theme, planting the seeds of love, herbs for a kitchen shower or sunflowers for a yellow them, the possibilities are endless.  One of the other options is to stage the shower favors at the entrance to the event so the guests can take one on their way in or out. Decorate with colors, flowers,
plants, ribbon to enhance the shower decorations with a theme.

By Susan M. Keenan

Ideas for Baby Shower Favors with a touch of “Green”  

1. Cute as A Button Plantable Button Shapes: Available in Pink , Blue, Yellow or Green
2. Baby Carriages you can plant in Pink or Blue. Pink or Blue Theme
3. Yellow Ducks for planting with a Duck Theme
4. Seed Kits with a Stork Graphic: Personalized and beautiful to grow memories with : Love-in-a Mist Flowers Seed, Daisy or Sunflower Seed are Perfect.
5. Baby Bears in 3-D Shapes, embedded with Wildflowers are Original Favors
6. Plantable Hearts & Butterfies , embedded with Wildflowers , a gift of beautiful flowers.

There are many more options at Plant a Memory, for Baby Shower Favors all Year Round.




thanksgiving ideas for 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving is definitely a time of tradition and with so many families living far apart from each other, adhering to custom can seem very important. There are the basic traditions that nearly everyone knows of, such as getting stuffed on turkey and pumpkin pie, watching the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and passing out in front of the TV during the football game. Some families have their own brand of tradition revolving around special recipes and dishes. Some go all-out with a customary, rite of passage hunting trip for the Thanksgiving bird.

More than just doing what was always done before, taking part in “tribal rituals” with family is something that yields psychological benefits. It has a way of making people feel part of something bigger and provides a sense of history and belonging. Plus, the comforting familiarity of tradition all but shucks formality and allows members of a clan to simply enjoy interacting with each other. So is it ever okay to toss tradition aside for something new and maybe even a little untraditional?

Ironically, the urge to break from tradition stems from nothing more than the desire to make the holiday more meaningful. When it’s the same old thing year after year, things are bound to get a little stale. However, it’s not always necessary to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Established customs come with expectation– and that’s why those who change too much (despite their good intentions) end up with Thanksgiving disaster stories. Rather than completely re-engineering an entire holiday plan, sometimes the best strategy is to make a small but memorable change that includes all (or at least most) of the family.

Options for this may be to rent a vacation home in a beautiful setting or volunteer as a family to serve or deliver Thanksgiving meals. Perhaps attend a football game or holiday parade together instead of watching it on TV. This way, the tradition of food and family is still present; however, something unique has been added that creates an extra-special Thanksgiving experience. Redirecting the focus to something that is new (but not totally alien) is also a healthier way to relieve tensions that often arise during holiday get-togethers.

As far as food goes, the vast majority of Americans expect turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie to be on the Thanksgiving menu. Some families choose new dinner themes each year and welcome non-traditional options. However, if that’s not a familiar family attitude, it is best to stick with offering the customary fare for main dishes while introducing only one or two new recipes. If the unfamiliar items don’t get eaten, it will lessen the feeling of slaving over a hot stove for nothing.

The definition of “Thanksgiving tradition” has changed somewhat over the years; which is why it is easier for some families to depart from custom while making it feel like a betrayal for others. Yet, sticking to ritual every year just for the sake of it can ruin the essence of what really should be a special time. The thing to remember when trying something new for the holiday is that if it weren’t for tradition, there wouldn’t be a measuring stick for what works and what doesn’t.
By Amy Wesgaw

Happy November, Thanksgiving will soon be here. How do you feel?

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