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How to Keep Warm

Keep your bridesmaids warm by adding gorgeous pashminas to their outfits in rich autumnal colors such as aubergine, orange, and burgundy. You could either coordinate these to their dresses or have them in a contrasting vibrant shade. Chocolate is the perfect shade for sophisticated bridesmaids gowns; you could then assign each of your ‘maids with their own autumn color for their pashmina, shoes, and other accessories. For a little bridal glamour why not add a cropped fur jacket or stole to your wedding gown? Or if you want something a little more rustic, a cashmere or angora cardigan would also be a great choice.  Also essential to staying warm on your big day is having the right kind of wedding car: an open topped car is probably not the best option at this time of year in case there is a rain shower, or the wind creates mayhem with your perfectly styled hair. Instead opt for something that will protect you from the elements. A vintage car decorated with a vibrant orange ribbon would be the best fit for this wedding theme: choose beautiful cream cars for yourself, your groom and the rest of your wedding party. Make sure the wedding vehicles you’ve hired are adequately insured though, especially if you’re choosing vintage vehicles, as they aren’t always reliable and you don’t want the car you’re driving in to be breaking down on the way to the church!

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A Fun, Alternative Wedding Game

Bingo is normally played indoors and is usually reserved for those little old ladies
huddled in the local bingo hall or church basement. Taking this game outdoors
can be a great way to get active and get cracking, and at the same time learn
more about nature; the game can also serve as a memorable bonding time with
family and friends. This version of bingo can even be played as a great wedding
icebreaker game where guests find plants and flowers native to the location of
the reception (works best if it’s a garden or outdoor wedding). Also mixing in
some personal touches to the game such as the bride’s favorite flowers or
spotting some items seen at the wedding itself can make this bingo game more
engaging and fun.

This particular game is perfect for outdoor weddings
near the pristine falls in Cayuga Lake or anywhere in the lush Finger Lakes
region. The regular rules of bingo apply for this nature version of the game,
but just make sure that typical bingo cards can get wet or damp outside, so a
chalk board can be used alternatively for this. Replacing those numbers with
trees, plants, and flowers found in the Ithaca region can make this game more
challenging. To get more inspiration from the game, one can get ideas from
fellow players too.   Bingo game players are just as chic and savvy
and connected to the world in every possible way and many play regularly using
their smart phone or tablet.

The first player or team who wins and
spots these items and completes “bingo” gets a prize. And instead of the usual
cash prize, why not give away a basil herb seed gift box or tree seedlings as
prizes that guests can add to their garden or backyard? Some flowers that anyone
can find around the Ithaca region that can be included in nature bingo are
Yarrow, Coreopsis, Columbine, Aster, Black-Eyed Susan, Evening Primrose, Zinnia
and Forget-Me-Nots.

Advice to Young Women

1.It is not good form for young girl to address by his Christian name a man with who her acquaintance is but slight.

2. A young girl should consult her mother before granting a request for an interchange of letters with a young man.

3. Flowers, bonbons and books are the only gifts that a girl is allowed, as a rule, to accept from a man unless she is engaged to him.

4. Be merry and pleasant and have a good time, but don’t let any man feel that he can treat you with aught but respect.

5. Don’t let him touch the tip of your little finger until he has the right. You’ll be glad you didn’t when the right man appears.

–Fannie Dickerson Chase, Good Form and Social Ethics, 1913



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