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Fall in Love

Outdoor weddings held during the fall are breathtaking and magical. If your wedding venue has trees that brim with windswept fall foliage, then you are in for an enchantingly romantic affair.

Here are amazing ideas on how to integrate trees and other elements of autumn into a stunning wedding.

Morning wedding set in an orchard, a vineyard, or a barn

Say your vows under the trees as your friends and family look on. The natural golden light shimmers behind the tree branches. Fallen leaves that showcase autumn’s rich colors litter the ground. Have your guests eat while they take in their surroundings that are full of yellowing trees.

Bring the trees inside

If you can’t have an outdoor wedding, then go ahead and rent tree saplings and adorn them with lights. Line the aisle with potted trees. You can also use tree saplings as high-impact centerpieces. Surround them with amber candles for a captivating twilight glow. If the wedding reception area is small, then stick to one or two gorgeously detailed “indoor” tree arrangements.

Color schemes

Fall colors include purple, chocolate, crimson, orange, moss green, and burgundy. Gold and crimson look bold and elegant when used together.

Add plenty of greenery in your bouquets for an earthy effect. Use fiddlehead ferns as accents.

For the décor at the back of your guests’ chairs, mix bare branches with flowers. The delicate minimalist lines of branches add charm and character.

Wedding invitations and place cards

Use recycled paper and embossed leaf or tree motifs for your wedding invites. Stick the escort cards that bear your guests names onto mini pumpkins. This reinforces your outdoor autumnal theme.

By K. Ong
June 19, 2013:
We thought this article was a good one with Trees being popular wedding favors . Hope you enjoy it.
Sheila, Robin, Amy

Outdoor weddings are the perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of the world around us. Celebrating with friends and family outdoors on your big day not only makes your memories richer, but the photography is stunning with natural light.
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