The Fall is one of the most popular Wedding Seasons in the past 10 years. Grow Memories with Seed & Tree Favors , meaningful guest gifts.

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fall weddings

Some Ideas for Wedding Guest Gifts with Seeds for Incredible Wedding Décor.

Fall in Love with Mint

Fall in Love with Mint

Grow Memories with Pumpkin Wedding Favors

October Pumpkin Theme

pumpkin for October

Sunshine Cream for Rustic Wedding Favors

sunshine wedding favors

sunshine wedding

Blue Breezy Leaves for Fall in Love Wedding Favors

Blue Leaves ??

Blue Wedding


wedding planning

planning your new life together is the social media site that everybody is talking about. With swelling visitor numbers, despite still being invitation-only, it is already showing that its popularity is well deserved, thanks to its innovative design and style.


Statistics show that the majority of Pinterest’s users are female, and 97% of those who ‘like’ the site on Facebook are women. Whether this will even out over time remains to be seen, but for the time being the proliferation of the imagery of arts and crafts, recipes, and expensive shoes on the site are, rightly or wrongly, fulfilling many stereotypes about women’s interests and concerns.


When Pinterest users spot an image they like on a website, they can share it with their followers on their Pinterest page. This is known as “pinning” an image. Others who see that pin can then ‘like’, comment upon, or “repin” the image, i.e. share it on their own page. Pins are organized on customized “boards”, so that the images are themed.


Its focus on the visual has made Pinterest a central hub of beautiful imagery. Whether it is virtual shopping lists, dream home photography or close-up shots of homemade food, Pinterest members are making the most of the medium to provide themselves with pictorial representations of how they wish their life to be.


One way in which people are taking advantage of Pinterest’s features is to brainstorm ideas for their wedding. Boards for wedding planning, bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding cakes, bridal paraphernalia, jewelry and flowers are pinned and repinned with gay abandon, providing shared ideas about the vital details which combine to make a bride’s day perfect. These visual storyboards show trends and hopes, where women take inspiration from celebrities and fashion designers and work out how to translate them to their own big day.


Wedding boards on Pinterest are also proving helpful for individual women to show whoever will be decorating their cake, arranging their flowers, or making their dress exactly what they want. When my planner asked for my ideas on decor or floral bouquets, I was able to send her my pins for quick reference.”


The popularity of planning nuptials on Pinterest means that there is no shortage of ideas on the site. Even if none of your friends are planning their own wedding, a quick search reveals thousands of pins from other people on the subject.


When you start to refine your tastes, it is easy to delete pins if you have changed your mind about your color scheme, or if something that appealed to you at the start of the process no longer has a place. Friends and family who also use Pinterest can give you feedback on your ideas, and it is even possible to create shared boards, where multiple people have permission to post. You could start a board where all your bridesmaids can pin their favorite pictures, and another for you and your Maid of Honor to plan the bachelorette party activities.


Gone are the days of scrapbooks, scissors and glue for wedding planning storyboards. Nowadays, Pinterest is the place to plan your wedding hairstyle, shoes, table decorations and wedding favors. Its advantages are clear, from the ability to easily share your pin boards with others, to having access to considerably more inspirational images than could be found in wedding magazines or brick-and-mortar shops.


While may still be finding its place in the social media sphere, it is firmly establishing itself as an essential source of eye candy and fantasy visualizations. Its use, therefore, as a tool for wedding planning is obvious. After all, if a woman can’t dream of fairy tales and perfection for her wedding day, then when can she?


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thank you the rustic way


Thank you for Sharing this Special Time

Custom Message for a Special Occasion

For over 4 years now we have printed some spectacular tree tube wraps for many different Parties. Make your Party special by giving you guests a “growing memory”, to take home as a token of the special time shared.

Emily’s Camp Party comes to mind for me. Emily had an incredible idea a few years ago to give tree seedlings to her friends when they are invited to spend the weekend at her family camp. Fantastic Venue for a party and wonderful gift of tree seedlings given by Emily to remind everyone of the great times shared outside enjoying nature, water , bbq, campfires and sing songs.

Thank you Emily for a remarkable Idea , we are sharing it with all of our readers. Have a Exceptional Summer at your Camp.


party favors with trees

Grow Memories start at any age!

Roses are the most popular flowers sold at the florist. We were lucky enough to visit the flower mart in Holland a few years ago and half of the huge warehouse is just for roses. They are shipped every day all around the world.

What about Roses as a Wedding Flower, is it still number 1? YES, YES YES . They are available all year round in an amazing variety of colors.

Roses are replete with symbolic meaning. During the Victorian era, the book The Language of Flowers created an ultra-romantic language for lovers’ correspondence in which flowers replaced words. With all this history and meaning, they are still considered to be the language of LOVE.

The Meaning of Roses

Coral: desire
Lavender: enchantment
Orange: fascination
Pale Pink: grace
Red: true love
White: Purity
Yellow: friendship

rose wedding theme

Roses for Wedding Rule

Rose Themed Wedding Favors

rose wedding favors

gift of roses that lasts a lifetime

Rose in Eco Boxes for a Beautiful Guest Gift that will Grow Memories

Symbol of Love

Elegant Rose Favors

Elegant Rose Seed Favors with Embossed Single Pink Rose

At our wedding my aunt had an idea for an Original Guest Book. You get a ceramic plate made with legs on the bottom so it will stand up on any counter. You bring it to the wedding with a bunch of water color paints in tons of colors and an equal number of paint brushes. The paint brushes should be in various sizes to mix things up but not too thick because you don’t want anyone to hog all the room or their names be way bigger than the next person. This are some of the names.

guestbook ideas

Make Your Mark

When the guests are finished you have to send the plate back to the original potter and they will glaze the plate so it will last forever. It would be best not to mail something like this, so my aunt who had this brilliant idea took it back and got it finished for us.

Here it is today in our house, a reminder of our wedding day, the people we love and lost, and a great place to keep fruits and vegetables on the counter.

PS. My sister has one too.

wedding ideas for guest books

you can’t beat these memories

For a Rustic Guest Book I recommend the wooden slabs. They don’t break but have all the wonderful qualities of our ceramic plate.

rustic wedding ideas

Carve Your Mark

If you have any other great guest book ideas send them our way and we will add them to the blog.

June 3, 2014.
All for now. Sheila, Robin, Shelly, Allie

spring flower favors

spring into spring with flower favors

 For Beautiful Outdoor Weddings the Sign is the Thing. I think this collection of Signs Speaks for itself. Enjoy.

welcome sign wedding signs wedding adorable two hearts one love

Thank You From The Bride & Groom.

guest gifts wedding

thank you guest gifts

Tulips as Heralds of Spring
Tulips in bloom  are heralds of spring. Along with crocuses and daffodils, tulips are the first flowers to blossom each year, sometimes while there is still snow on the ground nearby.
In the language of flowers, tulips have their own meaning and symbolism. In general the tulip flowers mean perfect love and a true, passionate lover. They means fame, passion and romance.
And of course, tulip flowers are always associated with spring.
Blooming in a multitude of colors, they are a vibrant, timeless symbol of spring.

Based on colors tulip flowers have different meanings too. Red tulip flowers are generally interpreted to mean true love. Yellow tulips, which earlier suggested hopeless love, has gone through a change of meaning. Today they represent cheerful thoughts and sunshine. Orange tulip flowers symbolize warmth, happiness and fascination. White tulip flowers ask for forgiveness. Pink tulip flowers symbolize happiness and confidence. Purple tulip flowers are associated with royalty. Tulip flowers have a center that is velvet in texture and almost black in color, and this is said to represent the heart of a lover that is fired with passion. Blotched and striped flowers represent beautiful eyes.

Tulips are planted in the fall but are often Wedding Flowers for Spring Weddings. Celebrate the new life springing to life around you and include Tulips in your Wedding  Bouquets.

spring flower bouquet

symbol of eternal love

For some Beautiful Tulip Table Décor, choose Blooming Tulip Favors , standing up on the tables with your names and date and a thank you message your guests can plant seeds and grow memories of Your Wedding Day.

Order in May for 15% Savings with this Promotional Code: tulip15.

spring wedding favors

Grow Memories of Your Wedding Day

Celebrating Spring Flowers
promo code: tulip15, exp. May 30 2014



flower favors

Plant Flowers , Enjoy Nature

Traditionally, earth day congers up images of planting a tree. Trees are wonderful symbols of a healthy environment and can be appreciated for years as they last a lifetime.
Trees have so many wonderful properties and I am sure we have heard all of them before.
If you want to refresh your memory , visit our Tree Facts page
Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet and one of the earth’s greatest natural resources. They keep our air supply clean, reduce noise pollution, improve water quality, help prevent erosion, provide food and building materials, create shade, and help make our landscapes look beautiful. Here are some more thought-provoking facts and figures about our oldest citizens and living treasures…trees!

In 2014 , we hear about all the other ways we can help our environment like turning the lights off, recycling etc.
For Earth Day 2014, here is an idea:
Think about your neighborhood, 20 years in the future, what do you think it will look like, are those trees still going to be there, will we still have garbage pick up, transfer stations, parks, bike paths etc.
I think we should think about something simple like green spaces, and planting flowers, herbs , trees& shrubs for all of us to enjoy today and for the benefit of our children and children’s children . We can all contribute and beautify our community by planting and encouraging green spaces.
Plant a Memory for a Greener Tomorrow!

plant trees family

celebrate earth day

Happy Earth Day.
Sheila, Robin, Shelly, Allie at Plant a Memory Favors & Gifts, Since 1992

April Xtreme Deal – FREE Trees

April is Earth Month At Plant a Memory it is Earth Month Every Day.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW!


In an effort to plant trees and help clean up our air for future generations , Plant a Memory Favors is GIVING AWAY

FREE!!!! Trees for all orders place in April 2014 ( Order Date: April 12-30) ;

Blue Spruce size: 4-9″ high  ( 20-50 trees each!!!)                                                                  Tweet about it and spread the deal

*Orders need to be Total $300.00 or more and for Events that take place in 2014.

- Place your order early to take advantage of this incredible offer

- Help your community

- Donate the trees to the school, city, or clubs

- Grow Memories that Last a Lifetime

free trees for weddings

Natural Elegance

** All trees will ship separately to arrive by the end of April 2014    Available only in the USA



wedding rose seed

wedding roses a timeless tradition



Flowers are considered as an appropriate token of appreciation, sympathy, love, remembrance and gratitude. Even in today’s fast paced world, the demand and popularity of floral and blooms has not diminished at all. Their ability to spread happiness is no secret.

They continue to play a crucial role in different societies and cultures and this fact is evident from the increasing demand of different flowers from all over the world. To meet the growing demands of different luxury flowers, several offline flower shops and online florists’ websites have emerged.


Significance of Online Florist Websites

A good thing about these floral websites and shops is that they have made it convenient for people to purchase desired flowers and send them to their loved ones with utmost convenience. Several florist websites cater to varied requirements of customers across the globe.

Be it rose, orchid, tulips or daisy, flower shops meets almost every requirement of people. Different occasions calls for different flowers as well as floral arrangements. Only the best florists will be able to help you out to send fresh flowers at the best prices.

Roses – Why to Choose Right Colour?

They are available in lots of varieties and hues. When it comes to sending roses, it is very important to consider different meanings and significance behind these lovely blossoms. Every colour of rose has a subsequent meaning attached to it and if you are thinking to give these blossoms to express your emotions, then choosing the right type and colour of rose will help you to convey your emotions or feelings in the right way.

Why Roses are perfect for Every Occasion?                

Roses are considered as the “queen” of flowers and are most popularly known as the flower of love, especially red rose. They are ideal for almost every occasion like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc.

Let us understand about each colour and its significance for each occasion:


  • Red Colour – Red roses symbolize love and offer a perfect way to express your feelings to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.



  • White Colour – White roses symbolize the unity and purity associated with new bond of marriage. You can consider giving white coloured roses at wedding events. Several ceremonies also feature a white rose motif.


  • Dark Pink Colour – If you want to express gratitude to someone, then you can consider sending dark pink coloured roses to that person.


  • Yellow Colour – Those people who want to celebrate joy and love with their relationship can consider sending yellow coloured roses. These blossoms are an ideal way to express your feelings to someone.


  • Peach colour – Sending this colour rose has generally two meanings. The first reason is for appreciation and the second reason is for expressing gratitude.


  • Lavender colour – Roses of this colour also very well known as lilac. They are indicative of love at first sight. This colour rose can be sent to let the recipient know that she/he has enchanted the sender in a great way and the sender has an immediate attraction for the recipient.

Thus, to summarize it can be said that these blossoms are just perfect for any occasion and you can consider giving them for your purpose.

Author Bio

Daniel Clark is an experienced online marketer and has been writing articles and blogs since years. With this post, he lets us know the significance of luxury flowers and how to choose the perfect rose colour for every occasion.


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