Plantables ~ 100% Unique    Plant them and watch them GROW! 100%

Wildflower, herbal, & tree seed embedded paper favors are planted completely . Handmade with all natural botanicals and seed, when planted the handmade paper becomes part of the soil growing into a multitude of gorgeous blooms.  Each seed favor is an original, standing up like a tent they make  attractive  wedding reception decorations.

Wedding Favor Idea Choose from our exclusive collection of original papers, each possessing its own graceful essence.
Wedding Favor Idea All seed favors come with growing instructions , thank you message & personalization.
Wedding Favor Idea Assembly Required.
Wedding Favor Idea When ordering choose: Wedding Favor Idea  Design/Shape/Color  Wedding Favor Idea Ribbon Wedding Favor Idea Names & Date for imprinting

"I have a garden of my own. Shining with flowers of every hue; …I love it dearly while alone,
But I shall love it more with you.“   
- Thomas Moore