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Plant a Memorial Tree Seedling In Box
Tree Plant in Memory
Plant a Memorial Tree Seedling In Box

Plant a Memorial Tree Seedling In Box

Tree Plant in Memory
Plant a Memorial Tree Seedling In Box
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*Plant a Memory tree in honour of your loved one for a lifetime of "growing memories". Give a tree in remebrance of your Loved One and express your loss in a unique way with an enduring symbol of life.

Planting  a tree for your loved one with thoughts of comfort, peace and caring will be a living monument and tribute to their life and sharing it with you.Personalized memorial gifts are special tributes to your loved one. Plant a memorial tree in loving memory , living memorials symbolize the life and memories shared with friends and family. A tribute you can visit in honour of your loved one. 

Trees symbolize life ,their growth through the years and  change with the seasons will bring a sense of shared remebrance of your loved one for freinds and family.

Tree Seedlings in a Box: The trees are nestled in the eco box where the star cut out is on top of the box, The card is customized with your Loved Ones Name and Date, please plant this tree message and growing instructions on recycled petal paper card and finished with an oatmeal raffia tie.

Custom Card: Front: Loved One's Name and Date ( example) John Jacob Smith
                       Back: Please plant this tree in Loving Memory

For Additonal Verses:: Incurr extra charges for set up.ease contact us at 888-315-7333:  


Spruce (Picea pungens glauca)

One of North America's favorite landscape trees, this evergreen has sweet smelling blue-green needles and grows to 150' in height. It thrives in all climates in  and can live up to 300 Years. Grows to Zone 8 and - 50 degrees Fahrenheit at approximately 6-10"/year.


Move to a permanent spot by the time the tree in 6 years time.
For more information:

Some famous memory trees that have been planted include several that were set in the grounds of the White House by past presidents, to commemorate fallen hero’s and their own family members that passed away. In New York, there have been many trees planted in memory of the victims of 9/11. In Oklahoma, a tree survived the bombing of the Alfred Murray building and has been christened the memory tree, as it is a living reminder of that awful tragedy. It is a link to the past and a reminder of all that perished.

Included in Favor package:
- 8-12" blue spruce seedling (roots need to be wrapped in plastic bag- provided)
- Custom  imprinted card  ( 2 x 2 ")
- Poem on inside " He who plants a tree, plants a hope..." - Lucy Larcom
- Growing instructions
- Recycled paper brown gift box (3 x 3 x 3.5" approximately)
-  Oatmeal raffia ribbon
- Seedlings are stored in the refrigerator/cool, dry area and assembled  2-3 days prior to the memorial date
- Tree seedlings are shipped to arrive 7-10 days prior to your event day
- Trees require assembly- it is easy: event date is required

 Assembly is available if required: Additional charges apply. Select assembly option at time of ordering. Assembled trees arrive 2-4 days prior to your event date.Trees need to be assembled into boxes regardless.
*Residents of the following states for assembly included: boxes,ribbon and cards : trees arrive( separately) from a special nursery due to agricultural restrictions:

*Please call for RUSH orders. Thank you

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